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What Our Students Say


We have been working with Jennifer Greenberg, Owner & Creative Director of Moment to Moment, since 2019, and the growth in our son's acting has been fundamental to his success.  Jen has the unique ability to excite her students in group work while simultaneously centering on each artist's individual needs.  Jen's classes go far beyond focusing on memorization - she takes a deep look into each student to learn who they are to enhance their skills and strengthen their confidence.  Through improv and fun techniques, Jen teaches how to construct backstories, build character development, and break away from comfort zones, while still maintaining structure and encouraging individuality.  Jen has a palpable enthusiasm for teaching and an energy that is incomparable.  Most importantly, Jen's classes are a fun, safe space for our son to flex his uniqueness and creativity, and we delight in the broadening of his independence, talent, and poise.  Jen isn't only a coach...Jen is a sounding board, an exceptional resource, an encouraging phone call before an audition, and a confidant.  We cherish our relationship with Jen and the integral part she plays in our lives.

Beth & David MacKinnon,

Jacob (current student)

Studying at Moment to Moment with creator/studio director Jennifer Greenberg has shaped me into the professional actor I am today. When I was in high school, the summer workshops and courses provided by Moment to Moment gave me a place to hone in on my skills without traveling into NYC and breaking my bank. With Jennifer's connections to Broadway and the many friends made along her career, she was able to offer master classes I could not have gotten elsewhere. "Scene into Song" with Jared Gertner, "Business of Acting" with Freddie Walker-Browne and "Audition Technique" with John Cudia are among many classes I can credit on my resume. Every actor has their own journey and mine started right here at Moment to Moment with Jennifer Greenberg; providing me with a level of skills that continue to help me book AEA contracts, tours and cruise lines without higher education. 

Jonathan Jacob, NYC based actor, singer, dancer

Jonathan Jacob Headshot 2020.jpg

Jennifer Greenberg helped me find not only my talent but my passion.  She teaches me that it isn't just about memorizing lines, but to find the character underneath the material.  Jen has this part in class where we write freely to music and it calms my mind and helps me to focus on the class work.  Mostly, Jennifer has taught me how to be confident in my work.  I love her classes and look forward to them every week.

Aaliyah Benson, Current Student

As a young girl wanting to find my purpose Jennifer Greenberg has helped me tremendously. She has not only developed me as an actress but also as a person. Studying with Jennifer has made me more confident and has allowed me to trust myself as an artist.  She makes me feel like there is always someone in my corner. Moment to Moment is a family. In class I am never insecure because I know that everyone in the class will be supporting me.  Jennifer encourages us to dig deep and she has brought out emotions in me that I either didn’t know I had or was too scared to show others. M2M is a judgement free zone that lets you explore and create.  

Kira Hurley, Current Student


Studying with Jennifer Greenberg has not only made me grow as an actress, but also as a person.  She spends time on developing our inner artists and expressing ourselves through our work.  Moment to Moment feels like home.  I feel safe to be myself without judgement.  Jen strengthens her actors and never gives up on them.  She helps you develop a focused approach to accomplish success in this industry.  It's never about money or status for Jen. It's about helping artists to grow into who they aspire to be.  She will make you aware of your strengths and grow from your weaknesses.  Most importantly, Jen amplifies our voices and is open to change.  I love my other classes that Jen offers with the amazing Jules Murtha for vocal technique and Song Performance with the unbelievable Jared Gertner.  All of the M2M team are committed to feeding our artistry.  Without Jennifer and her program I wouldn't be half the person or performer I am today.

Shaelyn Nuschke, Current Student

As a young man trying to find myself I have only the stage, peers, and most importantly my director,  to thank for bringing me to the place I’m in now. Acting has allowed me to truly shed my insecurities and become comfortable in my own skin. This didn’t come overnight, but developed over years of training and studying with Jennifer Greenberg. Thankfully I had Moment to Moment to give me the tools to build my foundation. The methods introduced to me during my classes transcended acting and became critical for my interactions in the world. For instance learning to truly listen to your scene partner instead of waiting to say your line has helped me create healthy conversations socially and in business.  Moment to Moment is not just a program that gives acting exercises to improve your performances, but one that gives life exercises to improve you as a person.

Nicholas Anderson, Former student


My son Ethan has been under the instruction of Jennifer Greenberg as his acting coach for the better part of 2 years. We couldn’t be happier with the love and attention Jennifer has given our son to be able to thrive in what he loves which is musical theatre. Jennifer is highly trained with years of acting experience in all areas of acting and her love of teaching shines through. Her passion and dedication to each of her students is second to none. All the parents have become very close with each other and that is because of how Jennifer makes everyone feel as part of a family. If your kid loves to act there is no better place. She has on staff all highly qualified and trained teachers who have years of experience and musical as well as television acting experience.

Bradley and Alisha Shaev,

Ethan (current student)

Throughout my time in high school, I had the honor of working with and learning from Jennifer Greenberg, the studio owner/ creator of Moment to Moment. Jennifer is extremely passionate about what she does and her knowledge regarding her craft is extensive. She invests in each student and strives to make sure everyone is reaching their full potential during every session. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor who I still look up to today. Jennifer taught me how to never give up and to always take in the moment. Without her and this program, I would not be half the person I am today.

Marisa Patella, Former Student

Talent Agent A3 Artists Agency



When 2020 came, and shut down the world, I was lost with which step was the next one for my acting career. I knew I needed training, and a coach that I could truly trust and put faith into. I started working with Jen in May of last year, and quickly learned that she was that coach. 

Jens work ethic, and her dedication to all of her students is incredibly inspiring, and it honestly makes coming to class the highlight of my week. She truly takes time, and cares about every single one of her students, and makes coming to class a safe place where you’re not afraid to take risks with your craft. Since working with Jen, I go into auditions  feeling 100 times more confident and prepared, and I feel my acting is just getting better every single class I have. If you are looking for a coach to get the best out of you as a performer, and is just all in all a great person, I HIGHLY recommend Jen. 

Austin Gudjonson, Current Student

Though acting has always come fairly natural to me, I only truly learned what it meant to be an actor under the teaching and guidance of Jennifer Greenberg. She has taught me so much about the craft and in turn, about myself as a person. Her knowledge, expertise, time and care that she devotes to each of her students are what makes her an amazing teacher and in each class, she promotes a healthy environment free of judgment and inspires us all to take risks, be ourselves, and learn from one another. I credit all recent achievements that I've had to Jen as she has inspired me to be confident, determined, passionate and creative.

Kane Innis, Current Student

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