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Nick DeMarco

Nick DeMarco started improvising in first grade when Sister Veronica exclaimed, “Nicholas, it was you who put those sharp tacs on my chair!”   Nick immediately replied, “Yes, and if you look closely at them, you will see I initialed each one.”   Since that day, Nick and Sister Veronica knew he would have a career in improvisation.                                                                                      


Nick is an actor, improviser, comic, and English teacher. He began pursuing a career in show business in the early 90s, mostly performing in plays and musicals off-Broadway and throughout NJ.  Some of his favorite local credits are:   Funny Thing Happened…..Forum (Hysterium), Move Over Mrs. Markham (Alistair), Sweet Charity (Oscar), The Fantasticks (Henry).   Some of his favorite regional credits include: From the Hip (Lobster Boy) NY, L.A., & Toronto,  A Town Called Shame (Johann) NY,  Scooter Thomas …. Top of the World (Dennis & various) NY.                                                                                               


Nick studied improvisation with Chicago City Limits, Judith Searcy, and Tom Soter.  He was a regular performer in Sunday Night Improv at Stand Up NY and a member of Flying Monkeys Improv.  He performed improv and stand-up comedy in NY, L.A., FL. TN, TX, PA and D.C.                                                               


One of Nick’s favorite show biz jobs was his stint as the host of the touring contestant search for Wheel of Fortune.  He called himself the no-frills Pat Sajak.                                                                                                                                                                                        Currently, you can catch Nick performing in his 8th grade English class, in special events at his church, and in his kitchen for his beautiful wife and lovely daughter.  Nick loves teaching and is grateful to Jennifer for allowing him to be a part of M2M.  

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