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Moment to Moment

Creative Collaborative

A safe place designed to nurture all artists.


Whether you are an actor, singer, or writer,  we want to give you the tools to develop your highest creative self.  Combining technique and discipline with a focus on self-care, Moment to Moment is committed to spur imagination boldly, bravely, and with balance.


Professional Acting and Vocal Training



Group Classes

Classes will be divided into groups based on age and will have a maximum of 14 students per class. At Moment to Moment students will work on improvisation, character building, commercial, monologue, and scene work practices along with audition technique.  An emphasis will be placed on imagination, spontaneity, and fearlessness.  Although, the foundation of M2M training is based on the innovative techniques of Russian artist, Constantin Stanislavsky, actors will be exposed to a variety of acting techniques that allows for individual freedom and flexibility. This will include exercises and education both physically and psychologically.  There is no "one" way to approach acting and it is the belief of M2M that there is no "right or wrong" only what "works or doesn't work" for each individual artist.  We will discover that together!


Group Lessons 

Group vocal classes  feature an hour with a maximum of 8 students who will collaboratively learn technique and performance skills. Each class begins with a physical and vocal warmup. The class will then continue with song coaching split between the students. The success of this class is dependent on the students' participation in conversation and constructive criticisms of their peers' work, creating a learning environment based on personal and collective growth. Students will bring songs they choose to work on in class.


Group Lessons 

This class is open to students by audition only. The focus of this class is on song interpretation as it pertains to musical theatre performance.  Students will also develop strong  auditioning skills. There will be a strong focus on the complete performer, (body, mind, and spirit).


Group Lessons 

This class will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of improvisation through short form games and exercises.  This is a fun way for actors to think on their feet and find a more fearless and instinctive approach to their acting technique.


Industry workshops will be ongoing.  Moment to Moment will host agents, managers, casting directors, producers, acclaimed actors, and models.  We will offer workshops that help actors and parents navigate "acting as a business."  These will be open to all registered students at a separate cost from his/her program.


Private Coaching (1 hour)

This will feature an hour of personalized training utilizing all of the techniques discovered in the group class as it pertains to the individual needs of the actor.  This is a fantastic opportunity to work audition material or rehearse material for class or an already booked job!


Private Coaching (1 hour)

Private vocal lessons feature an hour of highly personalized training based on technique and mindfulness. Each class begins with a 15-minute physical and vocal warmup, followed by 45 minutes of song coachings. In each lesson, the student learns how to apply sustainable vocal techniques to songs of various styles. There will be an emphasis on mind-body awareness in order to guide students towards intuitive singing. Taking a non-judgemental, investigative approach by asking questions, the instructor facilitates a dialogue so that their students may establish and achieve their personal vocal goals in addition to learning the technical groundwork necessary for success. The teacher utilizes teachings by Kristin Linklater, Anne Bogart, Tadashi Suzuki, and Frederick Alexander. Students are expected to keep a journal throughout classes.

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